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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions that I receive.


Question: Your pictures are too big for my screen how can I get them in different sizes?

Answer: Almost all the pictures on Cognitive Distortion are 1600 by 1200; this is the only size that I upload. I use html to resize the pictures for viewing on my site. Unfortunately using html to resize the pictures does not actually change the picture size; it only makes it look smaller in the browser window. When you save the pictures from my site to your computer, what you get is the original picture and its original size. The reason I only upload one picture is this. It takes up to much space on the server and to much bandwidth for a free site like mine to support. If 1600 by 1200 is too big for your screen you have a few options.

  • You can right click on your desktop, and select "properties". The "display properties" window will appear. This is where you change your desktop settings. What you want to do here is check each tab for a setting that will say something like "Stretch" or "Fit to Screen", were you will find this setting varies depending on the version of windows that you are using. I would look first under the "Desktop" tab. (Unless you know what you are doing stay away from the "Settings" tab, you can render your screen un-viewable with the settings on this tab).

  • Alternatively you can use a use a commercial image editor like Acdsee, or Photoshop to resize the pictures.



Question: Can I use your pictures on my website?

Answer: As long as you put a visible link with in one inch of the picture, to my home page "" giving credit to were you got it from and as long as you do not alter the picture in any way. I also require that you send me the address of your site so that I can keep track of were my work is being displayed.



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