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Child of the Moon

His papa was the man in the moon,
And his mama was a night in June,
They found him on the river in an eagles nest
And it wasn't a moment too soon.
He was caught in a whirlpool goin' down slow
When they pulled him out onto the shore.
Then they handed him a candle and a flame
And they led him to the valley floor.

They said "Lift your gaze through the new morning haze
And take what you can reach with your eyes.
For the corn mothers yield stands low in the field
And the locust awaits in the skies.
You're the moonlight son, to the wise you're the one
Who will banish this blight from the land.
So hear with your heart and speak with your soul
For our destiny lies in your hands."

So he lifted his eyes and he spoke to the skies
Just as if he knew what to do.
And I know by now that he swore that vow
To the wind and the wise and the few.
And he grew up slowly and worked with the lowly
Bending his back to the land.
And he spoke to the spell that had risen from hell
To turn all our labor to sand.

And he cursed at his fate and surrendered to hate
And forgot about why he had come.
And he fell down and cried and crawled off to hide
From the moon and the stars and the sun.
All broken and beaten his mind kept repeatin'
The doubts that he felt all along.
But then came a light through the heart of the night
And a name and the sound of a song.

And he rose with the dawn like a man newly born
And he heard the unspeakable sound.
And it floated so high like a bell through the sky
That the villagers all gathered 'round.
Their eyes seemed to shine as each eye met mine
And we reached for each neighboring hand.
And we all heard the same, the unspeakable name,
And we smiled and returned to the land.

The spell that was cast is now part of the past
And his footsteps have led him anew.
Through forest and field where the poorest of yield
Is enough for the faith of a few.
And his burden is light and he sings to the night
And he sings to the star of the noon.
And the all righteous Keeper of Light is delighted
To shelter this Child of the Moon. . .
Just to shelter this Child of the Moon.

~ R.O. Fifield ~

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Comments others have posted.

Username: kateaudrey85 Date: 2004-05-10 10:31:06
This poem was really really well-written...but I honestly didn't get the jist of it...who WAS the child of the moon? Can anybody elaborate on it for me?


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